Well I discovered something terrible on Thursday! I was in the computer lab working on homework and was bored for a few so decided to hop on Flickr. First thing I noticed was... uh oh, my skins look... pink?! I made a couple personal geisha skins and a St. Pat's skin and they both looked horridly pink instead of a nice pale tone like at home. I was very troubled by this and before now didn't know the colors on my new LCD screen were off. So now I know and so I dug out an old CRT monitor and hooked it up for a dual monitor screen. Phew! This way I can double check my skins and anything else I make on the CRT. What a mess! Sorry to anyone who doesn't like the horrid pink tone of the St. Pat's skin... I assure you I never would've released it had I known but I'll leave it up at least on OnRez and SLX for anyone who likes it. Sorry again :( What a bummer!

Picture of my shiny new setup! Yay!

Although it's still 10 days away... HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! :) I can't help but get into a holiday a little while before it and I've just been wearing so much green lately without a skin to match! That was the inspiration for my latest Another Skin mod. It's vivid, glittery, and very green -- perfect for St. Pat's! :D

I really wanted to incorporate glitter on the eyes but my first attempts looked HORRIBLE! Last night I went to Walmart and spent a good while studying some of the ads down the makeup aisles. I saw some lovely shimmery glitter on eyes and lips and just had to try my hand at the glitter again. I think the result is very cute and playful, though I'll admit the texture of the glitter isn't exactly what I wanted. I still think it's pretty and adds a nice touch for St. Pat's! :)

Phew, sorry for the glitter rant! Hehehe. Anyway, this pale skin features two lip colors: green (of course!) and red (elegant?) and a bonus skin I was debating on releasing but threw in anyway: the wasted girl! It seemed appropriate for St. Patty's so I HAD to do it. :P Just want to throw in another little note I noticed: the red-lipped skin could also be nice for Christmas!

Enjoy and best of luck to all! :)

Runic Mage

I'm a nerd and love fantasy elements on just about anything. I found some very cool runic fonts online and really wanted to use them somehow on a skin in the way of tattoos or markings. I heard of a runic mage prestige class and thought of using that as inspiration so I modded Eloh Eliot's Ff0 Another Skin with some glowy golden runes and matched fingernails and lips too! The mod was finished quickly but overall I'm pleased with the results. It's definetly something different from my usual pale mods. :)

This picture was taken in the lovely Chakryn Forest.


I saw Pan & Agapee Islands posted on a SLMame blog and checked it out a while ago. It's a perfect setting for beautiful snapshots! I took the opportunity of visiting again to take some pictures of two skins I modded from Eloh Eliot's latest Another Skin: Ff0. It's a darker skin but a bit of brightness added made it the perfect base for Japanese skins! :)

I wanted to make a geisha skin on the older templates but never got around to it. I knew I wanted to do something different from traditional geisha, something bright and cute with some geisha features, so I used the shape of geisha lips with a playful bright pink lipstick. The eye makeup is a bit more overdone than geisha or even maiko, but I wanted to do something a little over the top so it worked out! For the final touch, I wanted something cute, so I added some small hearts under each eye. The end result is a funky neon geisha girl and I'm very pleased with! :)

The second skin isn't geisha-style, but uses the same base. I wanted something light and feminine for springtime so I used the soft pink of sakura blossoms for inspiration with this mod. The overall look is very soft and sweet, just what I was looking for! :D

I've just been having a blast modding Eloh Eliot's Another Skin templates! I kept meaning to post when I released the drow skins but never got around to it. Today I finished a female vampire skin so I'll just yap about both now!

Just released today is the Vampiress skin. She is pale with gothy-colored lips, which include variations with blood dripping and smeared on the chin. I was fiddling around with the templates used for the gothic lolita mod and came up with a unique red color and finish on the lips that just screamed vampire to me. I stashed it away for a while and just came back to finish it and I'm pleased with the results. I originally had the skin much less pale, but a good friend of mine pointed this out so I corrected it to hopefully get a much vampier look! I had so much fun digging through my inventory for outfits to wear and model this skin with. It's just so fun to have such drastically different looks for my character. :)

Here is the dark version of the drow mod I finished a little while ago. I'm a pretty big nerd and love D&D and the lore behind it. While drow aren't my favorite race to play, I love the way they look... it's just so distinct. In SL any old skin can really pass off for an elf or dwarf but drow have their own unique features. I'd been thinking of doing a drow mod since I hadn't found any skins in-world I was wild about and, well, doing these mods is just too much fun, not to mention I save L$ AND am able to give it away for free later! Just too good of a deal to pass up. :) The lovely dark drow lady has multiple lip colors for matching on the fly with her latest robes or armor!

Very similar to the darker drow skin, this lighter tone was the original color I made before I decided to darken it later. I already uploaded it so decided to go ahead and finish the lips and release it too! Her lip hues are almost an exact clone of darker drow's. I prefer the darker drow skin, but do like this one as well since the features are more noticeable to me with the lighter skin hue. It was so much fun doing the modeling for both female drow skins... mostly in finding the outfits. I found the hair during a sale at Curious Kitties and thought it would be perfect for a drow av, should I ever put one together. I'm really happy with how both skins turned out and hope they get use by others! :)

Eloh released a lovely male skin template a while ago and I worked with it to make a personal skin, but wanted to do something I could release to everyone. After making the female drow skins a friend asked about a male version, which was a great idea! I tried to match the hue of the darker female skin for this guy. Since drow men are known to be smaller and weaker than the ladies, I vastly reduced the muscle shading. The outcome was pretty good, I think, for my second time working with a male skin. I don't know the detailing on a male body like I do with female, so I had to mostly go with what looked good. I think it turned out OK. At least the guys aren't left out now! :) Oh! I can't believe I almost forgot this -- I want to give special thanks to my boyfriend Kupo and friend Vlad for modeling in the box shot for this skin. I only had one hairstyle I could use so it was greatly appreciated!

There was another milestone over the past week or so -- sales for the mods surpassed 500! I'm thrilled to pieces that people are actually interested in something I made, haha! Thanks everyone!

The skins can be found on OnRez and SLExchange, as well as at Bare Rose HQ in the freebie section.


Today I had the privilege of talking with Liqueur Felix. I've long been a fan of her blog and finds around SL so it was very exciting for me! We talked about shoes suitable for an elegant gothic lolita and exchanged landmarks. She told me about J's shoe shop, which sells some incredible shoes. I came mainly for the gothic boots but was quickly sidetracked by all the lovely shoes for sale! I ended up caving for the gothic boots but it came with two designs, one with bows and one without, so I think it was a good deal. They are very detailed and realistic and I just ADORE the pair adorned with bows! Thank you, Liqueur!!

Boots - J's Goth Ribbon LaceUpBoots by JB Gazov

June made some lovely outfits so I just had to post about them today! These are brand new as of this morning.

First up is Spring Blossom, an adorable tiered dress with floral patterns:

This dress comes with many options, from a three-tiered dress to normal mid-length dress to miniskirt! It comes in four colors, including white, light brown, cyan and black. Also comes with an adorable hat, which I forgot to take a picture of, haha!

Next is Betty, a very cute ensemble for girls on the go!

Featuring an open sculpted collar, adorable sculpted cuffs and belted skirt in three colors: black, red, and brown. Also includes stockings and a very cute scarf for those chilly days!

Skin - D-Skin 19 by DynamiteTanaka Payne
Eyes - COLORS OddEyes Romantic by Jerome Sicling
Eyelashes - D-Eyelash by DynamiteTanaka Payne
Hair - The Ginza by Lola Marquez
Clothing - Bare Rose by June Dion
Shoes (Upper Picture) - Mary Ann Platforms by Ginny Talamasca
Shoes (Lower Picture) - Vintage Strappy Pumps by Fallingwater Cellardoor

I heard about Another Shop and its skins a while ago and they were very cute skins back then. A bit later and the shop owner, Eloh Eliot, reduced the price on all of her skins, appropriately named Another Skins, to free! I was overjoyed and picked up a copy of all of them. A few days ago I heard wind of Eloh releasing the skins' PSD files for people to mod and learn from. Wow, I thought, and found her site and immediately downloaded all of the skins to play around with. I've never worked with making or modifying skins before so it was quite an adventure and very fun!

Basically, I modified Eloh's skins and released a few sets to the public for free! :)

I came here to post about it because I put them on SLExchange and OnRez. After about 2 days I broke 100 sales! I couldn't believe it but I guess the price was right on the skins after all. :) I now have the skins available at Bare Rose in the freebie section as well as the listings on SLX and OnRez.

Now, on to the skins!

My first mod is playful and cute. I wanted something fun and quirky to start out with and what immediately came to mind was a ganguro skin! I admit to not knowing a lot about the trend, just that I'd seen it before and thought it was so interesting. I googled ganguro, found a nice big picture of a girl, and tried to copy that picture on the skin to the best of my newbie ability! I think it turned out alright, despite my lack of skill and missing some ganguro details. I may update it later into more styles of ganguro, which I now know exist.

I love elegant gothic lolita and sweet lolita fashion, so making a lolita mod seemed the most natural thing to do next! I've scoured Second Life for a sweet, innocent, anime-esque skin to use for my lolita outfits and have found a few, but they were never exactly what I wanted. My goal with this mod was to create the best lolita skin I was capable of. I wanted a pale skin with anime-styled cheeks, simple makeup, long eyelashes and blush on the knees and elbows. I think this skin meets those criteria pretty well, but I need to work on perfecting the lip color I want. I still hope whoever gets this skin enjoys it :)

My third and final (for now) mod is gothic lolita style. The previous skin can really be used for either gothic or sweet lolita, depending on your style, but I wanted a skin to be almost strictly gothic lolita so I wanted to make this one. She is a bit more pale than the last skin with heavier eye makeup and very dark lips. The lips come in blood red, black, dark purple and dark blue. All are fairly stock standard gothic colors, but I had to pay homage to Mana so I found a picture and tried to match the look in my blue makeup. Overall I think the skin turned out well -- cute anime-styled cheeks again but with dark lips and heavier eyeliner.

I hope whoever uses my mods enjoys them! Please let me know of any comments, critiques, etc. so I can hope to improve. I've been playing around with the male Another Skin so may release something soonish! Until then, ciao!

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