I heard about Another Shop and its skins a while ago and they were very cute skins back then. A bit later and the shop owner, Eloh Eliot, reduced the price on all of her skins, appropriately named Another Skins, to free! I was overjoyed and picked up a copy of all of them. A few days ago I heard wind of Eloh releasing the skins' PSD files for people to mod and learn from. Wow, I thought, and found her site and immediately downloaded all of the skins to play around with. I've never worked with making or modifying skins before so it was quite an adventure and very fun!

Basically, I modified Eloh's skins and released a few sets to the public for free! :)

I came here to post about it because I put them on SLExchange and OnRez. After about 2 days I broke 100 sales! I couldn't believe it but I guess the price was right on the skins after all. :) I now have the skins available at Bare Rose in the freebie section as well as the listings on SLX and OnRez.

Now, on to the skins!

My first mod is playful and cute. I wanted something fun and quirky to start out with and what immediately came to mind was a ganguro skin! I admit to not knowing a lot about the trend, just that I'd seen it before and thought it was so interesting. I googled ganguro, found a nice big picture of a girl, and tried to copy that picture on the skin to the best of my newbie ability! I think it turned out alright, despite my lack of skill and missing some ganguro details. I may update it later into more styles of ganguro, which I now know exist.

I love elegant gothic lolita and sweet lolita fashion, so making a lolita mod seemed the most natural thing to do next! I've scoured Second Life for a sweet, innocent, anime-esque skin to use for my lolita outfits and have found a few, but they were never exactly what I wanted. My goal with this mod was to create the best lolita skin I was capable of. I wanted a pale skin with anime-styled cheeks, simple makeup, long eyelashes and blush on the knees and elbows. I think this skin meets those criteria pretty well, but I need to work on perfecting the lip color I want. I still hope whoever gets this skin enjoys it :)

My third and final (for now) mod is gothic lolita style. The previous skin can really be used for either gothic or sweet lolita, depending on your style, but I wanted a skin to be almost strictly gothic lolita so I wanted to make this one. She is a bit more pale than the last skin with heavier eye makeup and very dark lips. The lips come in blood red, black, dark purple and dark blue. All are fairly stock standard gothic colors, but I had to pay homage to Mana so I found a picture and tried to match the look in my blue makeup. Overall I think the skin turned out well -- cute anime-styled cheeks again but with dark lips and heavier eyeliner.

I hope whoever uses my mods enjoys them! Please let me know of any comments, critiques, etc. so I can hope to improve. I've been playing around with the male Another Skin so may release something soonish! Until then, ciao!


I just love that "ganguro" skin. :-)

9:06 PM  

I can't find the skins listed any more at either SL Exchange or OnRez.

5:38 PM  

Thanks for letting me know! It should be fixed now. :) Also be sure to have mature content enabled on those sites.

11:05 PM  

Well said.

10:11 PM  

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